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Sunday, July 7, 2013


Take a moment to just laugh.

Spend your time to notice the little things.

To let him undress you.

To lust over the best moments.

To WORK OUT and have a tight ass.

To know how to go Bridgette Bardot. Thick winged liner and full, nearly fake, nude lips.

To be a beach bunny.

To just be down with hickies.

To feel insecure for just a moment.

To love light kisses.

To want him to embrace you.

To love the big apple. God bless you NYC.

To do absolutely nothing.

Or to go crazy hard.

To reminisce for a few seconds.

To know your bod is the best.

To hate things for a bit. 

To let yourself get glammed up. Thick winged liner, red lips, and big flouncy hair.

To love your man forever.

To be a hot mess.

To stretch out and take up all the space.

To feel hazy and doze off.

To be banging.

To be a wide eyed sweet cheeked beauty with a bad ass personality. Full lips, freckles, and skinny winged liner.

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