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Friday, May 11, 2012


Hey xx

So this summer and hopefully for a long time I'll be doing DIY projects, as well as more cooking/baking on this blog.

Here are some starter images that have inspired me, I just did a bunch of researching and compiled a list of 12 things that I can DIY ranging from fashion to beauty.

So far I have..

1. DIY Cheetah Print Nails
2. DIY Lip Plumper
3. DIY Bronzer
4. DIY Striped Nails
5. DIY Anklet
6. DIY Neon Nails
7. DIY Neon Bracelets
8. DIY Neon Clutch
9. DIY Neon Tennis Shoes
10. DIY Lace Cardigan
11. DIY Burnout Tee
12. DIY Off The Shoulder Sweater

I will hopefully be posting tutorials for these soon! I really want to try out the tennis shoes first probably. I would like to say that I just spent all my money up from my birthday and tutoring.

(Around 400? God.)

I have around 15 dollars in my money box, so hopefully UO still carries cheap canvas sweaters and my mom will buy me the spray paint.

xoxo, gracieee

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