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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Hey xx

Here's a New York City haul! I couldn't manage to get everything because I'm not sure where my Sephora purchases are. (We went to the Meat Packing one - the avant grade one with no checkout counter/lots of graffiti! It was cool, but there was no point system/beauty insider system that was enforced.. and I'm a strict follower of that.) Also some of my clothes are washing, I got a sheer H&M blouse with a zipper down the back and my high waisted burgundy Urban Outfitters jeans have pizza on them. Other than that here is my haul!

I got a lot of little things, and some nice pieces that I'll use for a while. When I got home I had some Sephora packages for me though! (I purchased a lemon Art of Shaving cream for my dad and a Tarina Tarintino brush set for my mum.) A funny thing I'd like to say is that they sent me a Stila palette and a Stila lip glaze set, for free! HURRAH! But, I'm returning it and exchanging it for some other stuff. $75.00 of free makeup. YES! Anyways, from Sephora I got a Bliss face mask and a Sephora Cream Eyeshadow set. Also some samples.. this and that.

In NY I got some black gold studded flats from Sam Edelman. I also got some glittering silver heels for winter formal - love those! I got some jeans, faux diamond studs, and a glittering silver clutch (also for winter formal) from Forever 21. Super cheap hehe. 

Next I got a bunch of magazines, the first issue of, Seventeen Prom, Nylon, Elle, etc. I was super happy that I found the issue since I've been dying to buy it - but I didn't want to order it online without looking at it in store first. There are some gorgeous photos of Lindsey!!

I got some Kreayshawn inspired sunglasses from Ricky's NYC, which my friend showed me. (She's a New York native and showed me around on the last full day. So much fun!! Central Park, her home, etc.) I also got a Juicy Couture handbag in a peachy shade since I need a new bag desperately. I bought a ton of nail polish. 4 full sized ones from Urban Outfitters in the shades Afterhours, Hangover, Winter Berry, and Snow. I also got 6 nail polishes in 3 pack Sets. They're super pretty and I can't wait to try.

Other than that I picked up a bunch of stuff from H&M. I got a bright blue mini skirt, black lace dress, basic black tank, basic white button down, gray sweater, etc. I also got a silver velvet mini skirt from Urban Outfitters and a pair of new silver hoops from American Apparel.

xoxo, gracieee

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